Issues with Packages in pFsense

I now have a working pFsense system.

However, I am unable to install packages from the GUI. If I bring up ‘Available Packages’ and click ‘Install’ I am thrown back to the ‘Installed Packages’.

So I resorted to command line. I Successfully installed specific packages without a problem.

However, the installed packages do not show in the GUI in ‘Installed Packages’ and they also do not appear in the pfsense menu??

For example I installed pFBlocker. pFBlocker is not showing as an installed package and there is not GUI Option to configure pfBlocker?

Anyone come across this issue before please that could offer advice or help?


I installed pfsense couple of days ago and it did not come with any packages under package manager. Same issue, hope someone can chime in

If you happened to have saved the previous pfsense ISO you could try installing that and then upgrading to the latest version. Netgate post their latest ISO only.
I’ve upgraded and don’t have any problems with the packages.

If you weren’t aware you can easily backup your config so you don’t lose any work you’ve already done.

So I have found the root cause of my problems. Browser cookies.

I believed there was a fundamental problem with my installation. However, once I cleared my cookies from Chrome, everything started working.

I tried Chrome and the new edge browser but both misbehaved until I installed Firefox.

Hope this helps anyone who may experience the same issues

Reinstalled ISO and it seems to work fine now. Thanks guys!