Issue with the XG-7100

I posted this over on the Netgate forums but haven’t got a response. I am just wondering if anyone has seen this behavior in their XG-7100.

If not can anyone maybe point me into the right direction of what could be happening here.


"Not really sure how to title this but this is what is happening.

I have Charter service and about every week or two the RTT/RTTsd climbs to a point were I just unplug the modem and everything goes but down. After this last update 21.05.1 I have noticed that when I reset the modem the gateway stays down. This is running in muti wan because the charter sucks (reliability), so I have really bad (super slow) att as a back up. Anyways I have even tried to restart the dpinger (Gateway Monitoring Deamon) but still the gateway remains down. The only way I can get the gateway back up is to reboot the XG-7100.

Does anyone have any advice on what is going on?"