Issue with SG3100 WAN ports

Hi Guys, hoping you can help with this weird one.

Basically we have a client who is in a serviced office, They get there WAN port patched in from the comms room. So its a relatively long cable i am assuming probably 10-15 min.

Currently we have a virtualized pfsense running on a dell server and its working fine. client gets 100mb up/down as they should.

I moved the WAN connection from the dell server to SG3100 and it fails to even detect a connection. It just appears as down. SG3100 has the same exact config as the virtual pfsense.

I tried forcing the port to 10/100 but it still fails to detect anything. Just appears as red down. I connected LAN feed from the switch just to see if the port lights up, and it does.

Has anyone else come across this?

Is your wan connection tied to a mac addrrss?

For examples some cable modems lock to the mac of your router. Without the proper reboot sequence you get no connection.

Hi thanks for your reply, the WAN connection is not tied to a MAC as i tried it on my laptop with the static public IP and it works fine. The pfsense is failing to even recognise it as a physical connection. Has anyone else experienced anything similar. I don’t understand why it works on the server with virtual pfsense.

I guess you should take a look at the configurations for the gateway and static ip address at the pfsense side since that is a bit different to that which you may have to input on your laptop’s network settings.
pfSense deals with the /24 /29 /32 etc

hi its not even getting that far, we have input the IP details in correctly. The physical port on the pfsense doesnt even flash or respond. interface is considered down. I will try the SG1100 see if that works but i suspect it wont.