Issue with Nextcloud after ISP change, DHCP error

Hello everyone!

I want to start by mentioning that I’m the very definition of a noob when it comes to NAS storage, Freenas and Nextcloud. I watched the video on Youtube for setting up the Nextcloud plugin on Freenas and now I’m desperate.
Many of you might laugh at this, and I know I deserve it, but is there anyone that can help me since I stand to lose a lot of data because of my… lack of knowledge.

So, I deployed the plugin, everything was ok… and now I changed ISP (had to move) and when I plugged everything back on… nothing, dead! :frowning:
The freenas is working/is accessible, but the Nextcloud plugin not. I looked online… did some “monkey” manipulations (for some reasons some stuff that I initially setup, like a storage dataset for the jail was missing)
Long story short, the plugin appears as running, with error, and I still can’t access Nextcloud.
The interface displays this message: “IPv4 Address:
DHCP - Network Issue: Command ‘[‘jexec’, ‘ioc-cloud’, ‘ifconfig’, ‘epair0b’, ‘inet’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.”
Can anyone please help? I’m desperate!
Thank you!

Go in and manually assign Nextcloud an IP address in the new range?

I don’t use that plugin, so not sure exactly how to accomplish this task, but that’s what I’d do if this happened to me.