Issue with DHCP as all wifi receive Unassisgned IP

Mu issue is that all my Apple devices are receiving unassigned IP address when trying to connect to wifi.

My setup is Router/ modem in bridge mode. to PFS to Netgear Modem to Netgear AP this has been working fine but the last 24 hours has gone haywire for some reason.

I have rebooted all devices couple of times without success, check all cables and cannot connect to the net by ethernet cable.

Any Idea what the issue could be as i have not changed anything.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand the chain.

Unnamed Router / modem → pfSense? → Netgear Modem - > Netgear Access Point

Is this right?

As above, why netgear in the chain after pfsense ?

Any vlans involved, make sure you have vlan setup correctly and the links connecting the hardware have been setup a trunk ports and allowing vlans thru.