ISP Speed Testing

We’ve been having a couple situations of ISP vs us, in debating accurate internet speed tests.

With the primary resource for many being and specifying various data centers, there has been a lot of “it could be this or that” with other devices connected. While mostly true, we went ahead with one situation and disconnected all network devices, and had this particular ISP’s technician check it on site, but use solely Netflix’s The results were very inflated compared to Ookla’s.

Is there another way we can accurately, and repeatedly test an internet connection?

you could get a fast server and set this up on it

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When I’ve had issues like this, we had to agree on the testing site and hook a laptop directly to their connection to take the firewall and any other equipment right out of the equation. I’d have the level 2 NOC guys on the line so that they can get SNMP info out of the devices that our connection was passing through.

Speed testing has so many variables that it’s hard enough to do on LAN much less LAN. I like, but I get different results with their website vs the Windows client. I at least always test to the same server for my own sanity. has a lot of settings that you can tinker with for both upload and download. I seem to get slower speeds with them vs Tom’s idea takes the most variables out. I’ve found that test not to work well above 1 gig, but you’re probably not getting more than that from your ISP. works fine for me most of the time.
I just run a test : (700mbit FTTH)

But when all kinds of stuff is happening on the network it only shows the resources that are left off-course.
Maybe you could start several speedtests and downloads and look at the speeds in your firewall/router?

Have you considered using iperf?

It’s commandline, so no browser distortions, and scriptable.