Isn't Shotcut better for editing videos? Why do you use Kdenlive?

I have nothing against Kdenlive and I have used it before and it is a good video editor. But isn’t Shotcut better for editing videos? It has a lot of options and features when compared to Kdenlive. The text tool in Shotcut is really good and easy to use. I just want to know what you think.

The best video editor is the one that does the job you need in a way that you can understand. A lot of people use each one, and each tool has its fans. My favorite for a while was the free version of VideoPad from NCH Software, but that was well before KDEnlive actually worked very well, and Shotcut was a complete mess. Mostly now I use Avid Media Composer | First (free) or Davinci Resolve (paid). I need to look into the recent versions of both KDE Non-LInear Video Editor (KDEnlive) and Shotcut.

As state here:

Learning a new video editor is low on my priorities list as I don’t think it would help my channel or my tutorials. Shotcut was really basic and crashy last time I tested in, but it has been a while.

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