iSCSI Storage advice for xcp_ng

Hi all,

I own a Dell EqualLogic Ps3110xs and I have have performance issue on my website at the moment.
Could anyone please provide me with layout advise?
The EqualLogic is set as raid 6 (accelerated) which provide 9TB of storage. Currently, I have only 1 volume is thick provisioning of 6TB. In xcp-NG, I have 17 VM VHD located on that volume and the current free space is 676GB

Could anyone please tell me the space I have left is enough to run everything smoothly or will i get issue?
This is the graph for the past year

Will I get better performance to create multiple volume rather than having only 1 volume?
Will I bet better converting my volume to thin provisioning?

Thank you all in advance.

Can you share the performance metrics from the virtual host and maybe on of the DB VMs?


Sure I am happy to share but not sure which screen you requesting? Do you mean the this?

Is it better to have lots of smaller storage volume or 1 big one?

any further advice please?

What is the disk/volume latency from the host?

Sorry for dum question but how would you check that?

Login to XCP-ng and there should be a stats tab for the volume that you are connected to.