ISCSI snapshot without rolling back

Hi, just watched your video about Freenas and ISCSI with XCP. One question about this video.
You say that you can remount a snapshot and get the files you need. I tried to clone a snapshot and add a extent and target. The problem I run in to is that when i try to add it in windows it gives me an error that the GUID is the same.

So, could some one explain how I can mount a snapshot and get the files i need? (This is just so I can learn how to do this without rolling back to the previous version.)

Btw, I did manage to roll back the snapshot to the previous version without any problem :slight_smile:

For others that are wondering about the same question I managed to figure out why i got an error. I did not check the box for “Enable multi-path”. Once checked i managed to mount both.

(Borrowed picture)