ISCSI share says full but has over 1TB free

I have an iscsi share that is connected to a Win2016 server hyper-v vm and in the TrueNAS-12.0-U6.1 ui it says i am at 99% full and when I query the share via windows it says i have 1.13 TB free only using 896 GB. Is this a flaw or am i missing something. All my snapshots are failing and this happens to be where my users home drives live so its kind of critical that i figure this out. any Truenas guru that can give me a hand would be much appreciated.

You can have free space in your iSCSI but none in the the TrueNAS. Because iSCSI is a block device TrueNAS looks at the size allocated, not the contents of it.

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I read all the documentation but what I’m not understanding is that the file system being now a block device how is reads the amount of free space im worried my pool is going to stop working on my ess server. is there a better way to configure my iscis devices? Sry to ask these questions but I read the guide several times and set it up per truenas guide and im still have this issues. I solved the problem with snapshots though. They are no longer failing. Here is an image of my current zvol as of right now.

You should be tracking the free space from the device that is mounting the iSCSI. If you want it to be tracked in TrueNAS use NFS instead.

From the server it shows the correct amount of free space. Just can’t wrap my head around why truenas shows that 95% full. So its OK to ignore it?, did you see the image I attached? Thank you Tom for helping

I would not ignore it, you provisioned 2.89TiB of a 2.9TiB pool and compression is why it’s showing free.

From their documentation “For performance reasons and to avoid excessive fragmentation, keep the used space of the pool below 80% when using iSCSI.”