iSCSI + NFS Performance Comparison

Hello all, I’m just looking for some assistance. I have a task to carry out a performance comparison between iSCSI and NFS. I’ve currently created a VM on my machine which is running FreeNAS, and have setup an iSCSI storage pool and an NFS storage pool on FreeNAS. My question now is how do I go about carrying out a performance comparison between the two? I’m using a Windows 10 machine to run the FreeNAS VM and I’m hoping to carry out the performance comparison from this machine. Any help is appreciated.

Don’t virtualize FreeNAS it is designed to run directly on hardware.
I have a video on the comparison.

I had a watch of the video, but I couldn’t figure out how to get phoronix to benchmark for the iSCSI and NFS drives, it was just benchmarking the drives on my computer. I also need to record benchmarks for latency, IOPS and throughput for both of them, which I’m unsure how to accomplish.

I have to disagree. FreeNAS can absolutely be run virtualized (I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and am having zero problems with it so far). It being designed to run on hardware seems to be a common misconception. iXsystems even has a blog post up on which they go into the pros and cons. Where I agree is that ZFS is designed to have direct access to the drives. Having ZFS work with virtual drives after a hypervisor has already provided another method of redundancy defeats the purpose, so passing through an HBA is a requirement in my eyes.

Of course, running any system virtualized can have performance and other implications which one should be aware of (especially since in this case, the purpose is to benchmark).