Is Unifi Talk any good for hotels?

I have a client that’s a hotel with 20 rooms. One of the line cards in their phone system just retired itself and I was asked for a solution. Given the age of the system, it’s EOL status, and mostly the cost of the line card i’m thinking we could replace the entire system with unifi talk. The hardware cost to switch to Unifi is like 20% more than the cost of the line card for their aging system. Also, i’m pretty sure the replacement line card will have to be programmed and that’s a whole other problem.

The only problem I see with switching to Unifi is none of us here have any experience with Unifi Talk. Will it work well for a hotel of this size? Are there any better solutions?

Thanks in advance!!

I have not tested and don’t have a lot of faith in the UniFi talk system.

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I concur with Tom regarding Unifi Talk they previously promoted and abruptly dropped the line, not a good sign of commitment to a product line. If interested in VoIP systems there is Grand Stream, 3CX, and FreePBX. I would be cognoscenti of the cabling currently in place. Talk to the folks I have included links to they are specialists in phone systems,
Chris Sherwood FreePBX
Willie Howe Grand Stream - 3CX - others