Is this worth upgrading?

I have an AMD 5700X is there a noticable performance difference going to an AMD 5800X3D?
Gaming on Linux with a Nvidia 3070ti.
Thanks for any input, have a great weekend.

I would think there wouldn’t be any performance gain. 5700X is a great chip already.

I do not think there will be.

What improvements are you looking for?

Have you updated Everything to the latest version?

I was wondering because the price has dropped since I purchased the 5700X.
I did not see much difference in the research I have done but thought I would ask the experts.

I have the MB Bios on the latest version, ASUS hasn’t made a new one in a while.
Updating the video card bios on Linux not sure on how to do that.

Thank you for the kind reply’s. A.J.

I just checked and updated the bios from 4403 to 4602.
The main reason for the question is to get games like Snow Runner to play smother at ultra settings.
Thank you again.