Is The Ace Magic S1 A Good Homelab Mini PC and Cyber Monday Deal? [YouTube Release]

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@TechDweeb Ace S1 review

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Time Stamps
00:00 Ace Magic S1 Mini PC Review
01:16 Hardware Specs
02:25 The Display on the device
02:49 Benchmarks
03:08 Proxmox and XCP-NG Virtualization
03:39 Wattage
04:19 Is the Ace Magic S1 a good deal?

This just adds to my statement in another thread… Within the first 30 seconds you are making things totally clear that this product was sent to you for free. I appreciate this level of transparency.

One thing I’d like to know, how well will it work with the NDI tools to convert an 1080/59.94 USB camera to a high bandwidth NDI stream (screen capture tool). N5105 is about 75% processor under this load, j4105 is close 100% which is close to dropping frames.

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I never worked with any NDI tools so I don’t know. I do most all my videos with OBS.

NDI is the encoding and transport for video/audio over IP, kind of open yet kind of proprietary. It was made to work with the Tricaster products, but has since been split out. In the most recent versions, you have High Bandwidth which is a flavor of mpeg 2, HX2 which is a flavor of h.264/h.265 and HX3 which is a lower latency version of HX again using h.264/h.265. I don’t have any HX3 devices so can’t comment on that, but HB is essentially a couple frames delay on a decent LAN, and HX is around 1/4 second delay due to additional encode/decode time.

NDI is creeping into educational video recording and streamed lectures, it might be something you want to check out for use with clients. OBS does have an NDI plugin to be able to bring in NDI | HB sources, not sure if it can use HX2/HX3 sources. It’s also creeping into board rooms and medical colleges, so it might be worth your time to take a brief look at the technology. NDI 6 is right around the corner, and supposed to have even better features and speed, real time is the goal as well as bandwidth management.

My application at this moment is to take some 1080/60 uncompressed USB3 cameras, use NDI Tools to convert the signal to an NDI stream, and then bring it into a production environment (Tricaster 2 Elite, OBS, etc.). This lets me get out past the 35 feet I currently have with an active USB cable on each camera.

I will stick with OBS, it’s simple and works fine with my 4K workflow of ingesting media.