Is it possible to create a MSP mostly for remote work?

Hello everything, my current situation has me living in Venezuela (a hell hole) and I plan on moving in some future but for now, I need new plans, while working for a friend to setup his unifi network (hes in the us, im in venezuela) I was able to setup mostly everything with him, and the rest remotely via cloud access, and I keep tabs and managed his system with the cloud access, and was looking at also helping out with his devices via a RMM, solarwinds in this case, so I came to the realization that this could be a path for me to walk, at least for a side business or as a entry to something better, I dont plan on getting rich just having a good life and eating everyday.

So my question is, Is it possible to do MSP work out of state and out of country, what is the feasibility or this and what problems would I be facing in this case?

The challenge would probably be in finding the clients as not everyone is willing to outsource things. But we do a lot of remote work and our trust is earned via our presence on platforms such as YouTube and these forums. If you have contacts in the USA that you are already using you, lean on that as a way to get started.

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Thanks Tom, I will continue this avenue then, given that it seems that the most If needed to be on presence I would need to travel or just send a contractor to the palace.