Is it possible config port re0 on pfsense as Lan for Access Point


I have Pfsense installed on a HP T620 with a 4 port 1g Nic. all these ports are use. foe WAN & LAN , Cameras & Lounge TV media etc
In noticed that the HP port re0 is not used . So I was thinking that i could use this port for Access Points.

Is this possible as i could configure it with a ip address 10.10.20.xx but i couldn’t set it up the DCHP server?

If PFSense can see the port, you can configure the port for lan / wan

Make sure the port is enabled in PFSense, and you selected the current lan for setting up dhcp.

On the front screen of pfsense, do you see the port under interfaces,

Thanks for prompt reply the Interface is RED X on sytsem page.In DHCP Server the Access POINT is not in the list

Is RE0, a network port or wireless port.

If wireless you can configure as AP - Wireless — pfSense Software as an Access Point | pfSense Documentation (

I do believe the best practice is to connect the AP to your switch, however, if it works then I suppose it will ok.

If you want to make use of your “extra” port on your router then I’d say you can create a LAGG between your router and switch, assuming it supports it.

If your switch can support it, look at vlanning your network

I will look at vlan option for netgear AP 610 for the AP and connect to a switch.

thanks all

In pfsense > interfaces > Assignments, do you see the port (different mac address) ? if so, it will be named opt1 (you can change it to AP) and configure the ip/dhcp for that network segment.

Thanks for reply… I seems to brick my system. I rebooted pfsense it seems as it has hasn’t bootup correctly. i have reset my whole system , modem,etc, pfsense and check that it has booted which i can see on a monitor all looks ok no errors . Should i reset to factory and restore from my latest config.xml ?

Any advice would be helpful. please.

RE suggests a Realtek port, Realtek is not a great choice so it’s possible this OS can’t see it properly or doesn’t like it.

You should be able to reset to factory and restore your config, assuming that saved config actually loaded. You can also edit the config to remove anything that might be giving you problems, it’s just a text file.

Thanks for reply . I start for restore config. xml from 30th December .

Sorry for all question but am still new to Psfsense , when it working is fine but when it goes wrong , i struggle and spent a lot of time sourcing a solution. I will reset to factory setting.
how would alter the config ?


The only reason to edit it would be if you needed to remove and change the network ports from one device to another. Pretty common if you buy new hardware. Or if you added a 5th interface and then things broke.

If you saved the config before making the changes to add that 5th port, then you should be fine.