Is Intel Atom Enough

Would a Supermicro A2SDI-4C-HLN4F motherboard with an Intel Atom C3558 Quad Core Processor with 8gbs of ram and 1gb NVME SSD be enough horse power for a self hosted Unifi Controller build?

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1GB NVME? Either way I think that is overkill for a UniFi controller personally

Ok gotcha, so I can break it down to something way lower in spec then. And I meant 250gb ssd.:wink:

Just to give some prospective. I only have 1 AP but the controller runs fine on 2 core 2GB of ram.

Wow, I can really shoot for a budget build then thanks a lot.

As the UniFi controller scales up the number of devices is will need more memory, We have a client with 350 devices and it uses about 10gb of ram, but for only a few devices 2gb will be fine.

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What other services can you run on the same computer? Might still be worth getting a decent machine and decent amount of ram.

That said, sounds like it could run on a $50 HP T620 or T630, or some other used thin client if this is for home. At work I’d probably still buy a Supermicro so you know it will stay running.

Do you have any hardware to run VM’s? That way you aren’t shelling out what you think you need in the moment and you can scale as you please. As long as the host has the resources of course :blush:. It will give more flexibility and you can fire up some VM’s for some labs and tests. Just an idea.

Yeah that’s the way to go, dead easy to get a cheap box and stick in 64GB of ram with PROXMOX … got snookered with a Lenovo m900 thinking the 4 ram slots would take 128GB but the processor only addressed 64GB … but basically easy to do

I just had another thought on my self hosted UniFi Controller Build. I have UniFi cameras which you know have UniFi Protect built into the cloud key. Am I at an either or situation with self hosting the controller or staying with the cloud key?

You can use the CKG2+ for Protect and just not configure the UniFi Controller on it and host your own UniFi controller. But if you have a CKG2+ why would you not want to use it as a UniFi Controller? It would use much less power, have a smaller footprint, and has the auto shutdown feature when power is lost. And you already paid for it.

Ok I get where you’re coming from. I was just thinking that self hosting my controller would be a bit more secure. I’m really new to all of this and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about all of this stuff.:wink:

So there’s no benefit to self hosting your own controller when you already have a CKG2+ Is what I believe you’re saying. I was under the impression that, I could, as a learning experience, build my own controller and just use the CKG2+ for protect. But it doesn’t work that way I guess.

Again, you can host your own controller and if you want to as a learning experience by all means do. I’m just saying once you are done learning backup your self-hosted UniFi config and restore it to the CKG2+ and save money on power long term. Then u can use your self hosted solution to learn something else (pi-hole, UNMS, Ubuntu, trunas core, XCP-NG, Proxmox, etc, etc…)