Is ESXi 7 blocking traffic from the internet?

I have just spent the last 24 hours on the phone with my ISP, completely rebuilding my pfSense box TWICE, and I still can’t seem to get port forwards through pfSense to any of my VMs running on ESXi 7.

If I port forward to my esxi host IP, it works. If I forward to my freeNAS san, it works. But into a machine connected to the vSwitch – nothing.

ESXi VMs are on the same subnet as the rest of the network – no NAT.

If I connect to those ports from my same subnet, it works. But when I try to forward (say, port 80) from the outside, I get timeout errors, like the port is closed or something.

I can’t find anything in the interface (not using vCenter here) that talks about ports or anything.

I know this forum is mostly xcp-NG, but I’m hoping there are some ESXi guys lurking that may have some idea of what is going on.

Nevermind for now. Trying XCP-NG.

Lolz. Works perfectly in XCP-NG. I guess I’m switching.