Is a Unifi USG worth using anymore?

I have a FIOS 1G internet connection, which feeds my Fios Router over an ethernet connection.
I have both a PFSense box and a Unifi USG connected to the Fios box.
Two Unifi switches route all the data.
A 24port for the hardwired stuff, which is fed by the PFSense box. All my ArchLinux servers are on this switch.
A 16port POE switch for the POE and WiFi devices, plue three Unifi AP’s.

My POE (cameras) and Wifi are on Vlan 25 with no access to the core network execpt from the BlueIris Box. Firewall rules exist to keep all cameras OFF of the internet. I use ZeroTier for outside access.

I do things this way so that if I am working on the hardwired side of things (an experiment that goes wrong) , the Wfi still works and vice versa…

Now I plan on getting rid of FIOS TV (cord cutting) so the FIOS router will be redundant.
With the FIOS router gone, I plan on using only the PFSense box to connect to the internet.

Would it just be a headache connecting the USG to the PFSense box? Redundant???

I would get rid of the USG unless you have some purpose for it.

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That is what I figured.

Thanks for the input.

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