IPv6 + pfSense Video Suggestion

In the last Homelab Q&A show there was a passing comment in the chat concerning IPv6.

tl;dr - I would also like to suggest IPv6 with pfSense as a topic. Catch is it may require bringing in an expert like when there was the CAT cable topic.

I’m an amateur radio operator (Ham radio) and in the good old days there was an IPv4, Class A subnet reserved. Under some conditions it is possible for some licenced hams to be allocated addresses within this space. BGP protocol can be used with the appropriate approvals and the side effect is you may be allocated a subnet of a minimum 256 IPv4 addresses.

Many years ago when ADSL (~1.5 Mbps) was rolled out in our suburb I was looking for a home modem/router that would support BGP and there were only a couple available in my price range. I settled on a DrayTek Vigor2830 ADSL modem/router. When our suburb was upgraded to xDSL (100/40 Mbps) I upgraded to the Vigor2860ac, Vigor2862ac models. These DrayTek modems support three WAN interfaces (ADSL/xDSL, 3G/4G/5G/LTE Mobile/Cell Broadband, plus 1,000 Mbps Ethernet). All were configured with the mobile broadband as fallback for the ADSL/xDSL.

Then our ISP offered free upgrades to optical fibre. The intertubes now jump to 1,000/50 Mbps but Ookla speed tests are topping out at 250 to 300 Mbps downloads even though the 1 Ge interface is now in service. Much testing, enabling hardware acceleration, etc., and the problem is isolated to the Vigor’s IPv4 NAT in that modem/routers. Recommendation by Draytek support is to replace the SOHO Vigor286x series with a higher tier of equipment.

For many years IPv6 has been an option from my ISP and now it is provided by default by both broadband ISP services. IPv6 does not have the NAT bottleneck so the existing equipment could be used (zero cost solution). An IPv4 to IPv6 rollout is not going to happen overnight when you only have some IPv6 theory.

My history with firewalls at home starts with dialup SmoothWall (zero point something) and ends with ClearOS. For me IPv6 support is now mandatory for future implementation on the home network. pfSense becomes the logical choice to replace the struggling Vigor2862 modem/router.

My suggestion is a Homelab video on setting up multiple IPv6 WANs on pfsense and configuration of LAN, DMZ, IPv4 only equipment, etc. I believe there can be gotchas when implementing multiple IPv6 WANs configured as failovers.

The bigger issue is I don’t know any IPV6 experts and especially one for pfsense would be hard to find.