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First time poster, however have watched many of your YouTube videos, keep up the great work!

I wanted to comment on the IPTV topic that has come up. Here in Canada we have this service and I thought Verizon FiOS was similar to Bell Fibe here in Canada.

What I have is an Sagecom device that Bell calls a Home Hub 3000, preciously I have had an Actiontec R1000 and R3000. This is a FTTH service.

My Internet, phone and TV is all provided across the fibre. The Home Hub has an SFP module, 4 LAN ports, and 2 Phone ports. The R1000 and R3000 both connect to an Alcatel ONT media converter.

To my knowledge there are 3 VLANs, 33 the management VLAN, 34 for IPTV, and VLAN 35 for Internet service.

I have used an ASUS router to use VLAN 35 for Internet and 34 to my STBs.

Often for businesses with just Internet we will remove the ISP router and set a pfSense up with VLAN 35 on the WAN and connect direct to the ONT device.

The ISP hates our setup; but it removes points of failure on our side.

Just thought I would provide some insight.

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You say the ISP hates your setup.
What have they done to prevent you using it or is it a case of its mine after the ONT?
Here In the UK in the T&Cs is that your not allowed to use your own equipment.
All be from what i understand its not a hard restriction and more to aid in support.
As if you was to ring them up they ask what router you use and if you use a different 1 to there supplied they will not even entertain you or request you connect the supplied router.
I to have a pfSense connected to dual wans (Slow internet and a heavy internet househould).
I find most UK ISPs are coming to justify the use of the 3rd Party Routers barring a selective few. Again no support given if you are.
From what i know in the UK we also dont have the IPTV supplied via our ISPs (All be i would look into it if they did). They actually do the oposite and block the traffic.

Sorry, I should have been a little more clear… I may have been trying to be a bit dramatic. The problem is that the ISP will not provide you support if you are using your own router and have removed their unit.

I can’t say I have read the T&C to see if its allowed or not.

Hi Barrow,

From what I understand, your ISP are not permitted to ban you from using your own equipment. I know Sky does but they shouldn’t.
I think it is illigal under EU law (which I am guessing is being transferred over to UK law post Brexit). EU law

Some ISP’s just make it a pain to do. Sky being the main 1

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I was watching a video the other day where someone took the ISP supplied SFP and stuck it into the nic in their pfsense box and bypassed everything ISP related. This was with Telus though.

I believe Bell won’t support it because their outsourced IT techs do not have any access to your home router and thus cannot remote support issues, they do not have the technical depth or knowledge to troubleshoot issues when you remove their equipment on premises. It’s just the way bell is I think. I have not had a lot of experience with anyone from that company giving anything but basic support.