IPSec VPN Clinet for Pop_OS!

Hello all!

Hopefully a noob question:

(New to linux, but am willing and wanting to learn)

I am trying to connect to a Fortigate IPSec VPN from my laptop running Pop_OS! version 21.04. I tried the forticlient from Fortinet, but the linux version does not support IPSec :frowning:

Looking at just base Pop_OS! I can’t find any option to choose IPSec as the protocol.

Looking online I have found things like openswan, libreswan and strongswan as all supporting IPSec, but any guide I find on how to install it talks about setting up your own VPN server. Which I don’t want to do, I just want to connect to one. (Unless I have to make one to connect to one?) Again I’m a new to linux, but that just doesn’t seem like what I want to do.

I’m running pfsense as my router, that shouldn’t matter for this, but if it does let me know.

Appreciate the help!

Did you install this package?

sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

Does openvpn support IPSec?

After some more digging I found this article here

I tried the package you suggested and it installed fine, but does not appear to support IPSec.

After some more troubleshooting, I was able to get IPsec installed for Pop_OS!, but I am still unable to get the VPN working. My guess is that I am missing some cert or setting, but I have no way to get those, so for now, I’m calling it quits on IPSec VPN on linux.