IPAM / Host / Server IP-DNS / DataSheet

Don’t know how to call it in the title.
But what are you guys using to keep track of all you servers / services urls / ips / DNS names etc. etc.

Ofcourse we use a password manager (1Password) Local no Cloud :smiley: but its not a nice overview of what services we have etc.

Also we would like to have something that we can have on mobile if possible also available offline and synced ofcourse.

Lets say we want to organize stuff, ofcourse we have our Local / Office; Servers, Switches, Routers, UPS, Phones you name it anything with some url / management interface (http/https/ssh etc.)
And we have the thins that we need to login to often; invoicing system, tasks manager THIS FORUM :smiley:, Portals from company’s etc. you know what I mean.

We can do it in Excel, Password Manager, Google Docs you name if but what would be the ultimate solution for this.

Would love to get your feedback / thoughts or what you are using for this.

I cannot believe that you can remember all DNS Names, IP’s etc. of all servers; yeah if you have a few. But we have so many of them :smiley:

We would just like to have something that is fast to pull up and easy to maintain.

We have a page in our media wiki for all of this. We build it all in Wiki for both our company and our clients domains, IP’s and network maps.

Yeah I know that :wink:
But like I wrote in the Documentation Options topic. I personally don’t like wiki’s because of the structure.

Ofcourse we can put it in our “WordPress KB” but hope that someone knows options that are out there that are also working with apps or some sort so you can also pull it on your mobile and have some offline cache.

Don’t think that’s possible with the wiki.

For more of the IPAM and equipment organization I often use Netbox

You can do some of the other things you are after. It can sometimes be a little much to setup for smaller environments.

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Yeah, allready found that a while ago. Also PHPIPAM

Also works pretty neat, https://phpipam.net/ But still not what we are after.