Ip camera system

Spec’ing out my first IP camera system for a client and could use some guidance.
I’ve watched some of Tom’s videos on this and it looks like the Synology setup will work for what I need. I’m already familiar with networking, PoE and those items.

Where I’m struggling is some of the specifics. Things like best-practices on FPS and resolutions. Also struggling to find a solution to setting up local monitors at various camera for single camera real-time monitoring.

This seemed like the ideal place to ask. thanks in advance for any guidance.

There is not really a “best-practices on FPS and resolutions” as that is mostly driven by client needs and balanced by budget. For monitoring you can use a computer or this https://www.synology.com/en-us/surveillance/feature/vs

That device looks pretty nice. That said, is this a job where a RasberryPi might work effectively?

Raspberry Pi would be good to view a camera on, but not to record with. IMO Look at Blue iris on a pc with a hard drive and a few POE cameras. Been using BI for many years in a vm on my server and no issues at all, they even have a really nice mobile app to !

Sorry, yes my comment was as a viewing station for single or multiple cameras.

If the cameras are IP, you can setup a Pi, there is a pi image you can download that auto runs a web browser URL that you can use for headless viewing :slight_smile:

I’ve got a windows VM host I can mess with for recording (NAS is cheap enough to deploy) or Synology surveillance station.

the more I read, the simpler this all seems. however, I’m still struck with the at-camera viewing monitor.

super easy to do with traditional cameras.

do they make IP cameras with secondary HDMI outputs?

OK, now I get it. You want a viewer to point the camera while up on the ladder. I would suggest getting all the hardware working and IP set, then putting a temporary WiFi access point up and using your phone.

But yes there are IP camera monitors that can supply POE, but not exactly cheap.

So is this what you are looking for? Never used anything like this, haven’t done s lot of camera work and what I’ve done had WiFi in range. https://www.ebay.com/p/7034418261

At the risk of sounding like a fanboi…

Ubiquiti, all the way for me. Cameras are good quality and sensible price. Run it on the unifi video server on a VM or on a device with unifi protect (Dream Machine Pro), slap a bit old hard drive in there and you are away. You can then use the Unifi Viewport at any location that needs a local feed of a camera.

I work on 2gb per camera per hour for recording HD @ 30 FPS so do the math(s) and work out how big you need the HDD to be. Using record on motion will save some but I don’t really have good figures (and it will vary on the customers business).

I’ve also found it useful to got to the customer and say “7 days recording capacity will cost £xxx, 28 days will cost £xxxx” and let them decide how badly they need a months worth of 24x7 recording from all of their cameras.

ed - you also get the option of going to 4k if specific areas really need it.

actually, it’s for permanent monitoring at the site of the camera - the standard retail “we’re watching you” tv

yeah, I think you’re on to something… I’ll look a little futher into the Unifi setup

It makes even more sense if you are doing or may do a unifi wireless network as well.

The DMP doesn’t have the same sort of redundancy as running on a “proper” server + vm + unifi video / unifi SDN but it also costs probably 1/10th of a “proper” server setup.