IP Camera Night Vision

Anyone have any suggestions for some good cameras that have better than average night vision? Reading reviews on Amazon, 2 people will say it has great vision then another says it horrible, really don’t know who to trust.

I’m looking to put a camera about 12’ up in the air and hit a gate about 20’ away.

Check out Dahua Starlight cameras for a reasonable price.

I have 2 GW systems and the cameras work really well at night with the IR lights turned on. Until the front covers or domes get dirty and then the IR bounces off the dirt and you are done. Whatever you do, I suggest external IR light sources if at all possible. Then the dirt on the front/dome doesn’t reflect right back into the camera because the IR source is from another box.

Pretty sure this is on of the cameras https://www.gwsecurityusa.com/product/gw5050ip-hd-ip-poe-camera/

and this the other https://www.gwsecurityusa.com/product/gw5071ip-hd-ip-poe-camera/

Support has been good to me when I had some water leakage and burned connectors, sent some replacement cables right out to me. I also use one of their DVR’s but since these are standard POE-IP cameras, you can use what you want to record them.

Thank you, I check out the Dahua Starlight they look pretty good. In the GW systems this camera looks really good

I’m very happy with the full HD quality of my cameras, they are actually closer to 2.5k, I don’t have a system in front of me to check, but I run them in 1920x1080 to save storage. The built in IR will light up for about 50 feet and if you have enough of them in an area pointing different directions, you get really good light coverage.

But again, beware dirty covers and built in IR lighting. So many cheap IR light sources out there that I would go with separate the next time I do anything. Another reason is bugs You would not believe how many bugs are around at night. Things often look like a snow storm. Moving the light source would help remove this clutter in front of the lens.

I install hikvision colorvu cameras they are pretty amazing at night even in near total darkness they stay in color and they have a visible white led that can be turned on and off.

I have a Hikvision Night fighter 8MP Turret that works nicely at night with the built in IR light.

This is in full night mode, color is also reasonable

Dome camera have to be kept very clean or the IR light will blind them. Bullet style will attract spiders that will build webs in front of the light

In general IR light will attract flyiing insects and will be warm on the outside so bugs will land on them to warm up at night.

The previous Hikvision camera was good enough to positively ID my neighbors kids who tossed eggs at the car. The 10 & 14 year old had to clean up there work.


Home or business use? I 3d printed an outdoor kitchen for my Wyze camera and couldn’t be happier thinking about trying to replace my Ring because I have enough yearly fees.

Ring spies on you. There is a Raspberry Pi project that someone here was working on, an open source version of the Ring type cameras. I haven’t had time to run it down and see what needs to be done, but I have a Pi3b+ and the camera so I am part way there.

Those hikvision colorvu cameras are pretty amazing. Just watched a few reviews very interesting. I may go with one of those, they check a few of the boxes I was looking for. Thank you for the suggestion.

I have never understood the ring and nest subscription model. I guess I am too cheap to even consider those things. Speaking of home projects the “Raspberry Pi Surveillance Monitor v2” from crosstalk solutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tvX_gsv2ZU has been on my list of things to try.

That’s an interesting project! To save a few people, he got this from the following link:

The video was well done too, but there is some additional info in the blog.

Once we get the new roof on the house where we are at now, I’m going to have to get my system installed.

Just ordered the hikvision colorvu cameras 4MP 4mm, was tempted to get the 2MP but was reluctant to go that low in MP. However, from the research I did the 2MP would even give a better night picture. They really seem pretty impressive very excited to install it.

I’ve been really happy with my Reolink cameras. They have a pretty good night vision even without their infrared flood lights turned on.