iOS Apple devices not connecting to U6-Lite and U6-LR

I have setup a WiFi Network using Ubiquiti U6 Devices Lite and LR. All other devices can connect and use the network apart from Apple Devices.

Has anyone had the same issue previously and was able to resolve it.

I am currently going through the Ubiquity Community to see if the same issue has been encountered by anyone.


Do you have WPA3 enabled, if so disabled this and only use WPA2 to see if this resolves the issue


Enable WPA2/WPA3 mixed

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Will try that and give feedback.

I had a similar issue before, I ended up disabling “Band steering” from the access points.

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We are all Apple here and have no issues at all. Here are my WiFi settings:

UAPSD Enabled
Fast Roaming Off
DTIM 5GHz=3 2.4GHz=1 (1 on 2.4 i better for IOT devices)
WPA2 only
PMF Disabled

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