IOCrest 4 port NON RAID HBA

TrueNAS Core 13
I need more SATA Ports. Only 2 more at the moment.
I know the tried and true method is to use a genuine Dell or IBM LSI HBA.
Has anyone tried and is continuing to use, a generic HBA Non Raid Card with TrueNAS Core? I know the LSI Genuine SAS/SATA method has MANY hours of continued use and information, I am just curious if any one has had a good amount of hours running one?

My next option is to leave my great little Optiplex 990,
i7-2600, 16GB ram, 80GB (SATA SSD, this is my issue, no m.2).

and move into another setup I have laying around,
Asrock b450m, Ryzen 3200g, 16gb, (HAS an m.2 for boot) giving me 4 SATA ports.

I doubt I will need more than the 4 Ports for a long while. I have 2 4TB in a Mirror vDev, and will be adding 2 more, 4TB drives into another Mirror vDev for my pool.

Any and all information welcomed and greatly appreciated!

I have not tested it but lots of devices such as that are compatible with TrueNAS. Their forums are my go to place to lookup build suggestions.

I’ve definitely posted there as well. More information is never a bad thing. I’ve watched 80% of your videos and gathered the majority of my knowledge from you Tom, and Space Rex is another I like to watch.

I am happy you guys have made this wealth of knowledge, because ZFS is an awesome file system. I went thru a process of wanting an older server, like a poweredge T100-300, to finding out ZFS vs Linux or windows server, is much more powerful and honestly easier for me personally!

Thanks for the reply, and I will submit my findings on my home lab machine!

I did… However spot another issue I will run into. PCIE Lanes. My Motherboard states that if the M.2 slot is populated, SATA 3_3 port is disabled. What a PIA!

So… looks like I am back to adding a card to the mighty Optiplex!
We’ll see when the IOCrest card comes in, how TrueNas treats it.

So I did something a little sketchy. I moved everything to a new case,
with my b450m and 3200g
Stole the hard drive caddy from the optiplex
Shucked a bad 3.1 external drive, stole the 3.1 controller from it, plugged it into my 80gb SSD Boot Drive, fresh install from usb, uploaded config file after install, and added the 2 new 4TB Drives to a new vdev in my pool.
All is working great…
I will get an expansion card eventually, either an m.2 to pcie x16 or x8 for a permanent solution but for now, booting from USB SSD.
I do think one of my 8gb ram sticks has a bad module, it reports only 13.9 usable.