Iocage upgrade -r 12.1-RELEASE

I am using the above command to upgrade my syncthing jail from 11.3 to 12.1

i am following the steps as outlined by tom in this video:

Problem is when I answer yes to all the promts in the shell, I get stuck at one prompt and cannot move forward any longer.

after the prompt:

“the following files will be updated to 12.1-RELEASE-p.13”

i get to the end of the list where it says “(end)”
…and can not continue.
What am i missing here?

Not an issues I have encountered before, might want to try posting in their forums TrueNAS Community or looking for the error message there.

I will make a post there.
One thing is, I am not getting any error message.

I am literally at the exact step you are at at 13:20 in the video.
you say “can i click enter” then you hit enter and you continue.
For some reason that doesn’t work for me, perhaps because I am SSHd in though a Mac terminal?

Does the Mac terminal not allow for that action?
The only difference between our two set ups is that I am on a mac an your video is linux.

I also tried within the shell of the truenas GUI with no luck.
May try again with my linux laptop to make sure i am not crazy.

is it possible to just stop my jail and change the default release under the basic properties, then continue to upgrade from there?

all within the GUI…

I made a post on and got a solution to this problem.

Looks like all I needed to do was press “Q” repeatedly to continue for where i was at.

I also ran the update command with a different syntax, placing the jailname before the -r 12.2-RELEASE

iocage upgrade jailname -r 12.2-RELEASE

Not sure if that had any affect on my ability to proceed where I was stuck , I suppose both version of this command would have the same results.

TrueNAS community post here: Finally made the switch to TrueNas, Now how do i update these Jails? | TrueNAS Community

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