Invoice Ninja vs

I’m having trouble finding an invoicing software I like, which fits me correctly. If all I wanted was invoicing and online payments, my choices would be endless. However, I also need in-person payments.

I’m a break/fix and 90% of my payments are card-in-person. I use Quickbooks and have used the online and desktop versions, neither of which fit my purposes. I like Invoice Ninja, but no way to take in-person payments.

Square looked VERY promising. Easy to use, customer management, hell, even has payroll! But get this, at line item level, I can only add items which I’ve predefined. That means I have nowhere to enter what’s wrong with the computer. i.e. “Customer states BSOD after opening MS Word”. DEAL BREAKER. It’s 2022 - why is this so hard?

Is there a solution out there I’m not thinking of?

We no longer do retail so I don’t use it, but I have heard people talk about using this: