Invoice Ninja - Payment Gateway Feedback

Looking to assist a client deploy Invoice Ninja with the feature of accepting online payments for their customers. They only have a few customers but see it as a nice feature to offer online payment options and I want to balance their monthly fee for a payment gateway provider and the processing fee (which will be passed to the customer).

Looking at the Payment Gateway vendors listed in Invoice Ninja I have gathered as much information as possible regarding monthly fees, processing fees, etc but there is also the all-encompassing “Custom” option for a payment gateway. Wanted to reach out to the community for some feedback on your experience with a Payment Gateway provider, any extra pricing information you have than what is available on the vendor’s site, etc.

Any information I didn’t cover but forum members are able to contribute to this thread are greatly appreciated.

I’ve personally found Stripe to be the best. But I’ve since moved to GoCardless for Direct Debits as we rarely do standard card payments now.

@ajrbservices Do you use GoCardless inside Invoice Ninja? The fees are very low because there are no card processing fees. I’ll have to present that option to my client.

Hey, no I’m not using it within IN, as we recently moved to QuickBooks, though I hate it :rofl:. I would be very surprised if you can’t integrate GC with IN tho

We use Stripe. It’s simple and works well for recurring payments including recurring ACH.

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They were on my short list, thanks @LTS_Tom !

I use WaveApps for my business. It does recurring invoicing, etc.

You might be able to integrate with Melio. There are no monthly fees and you can configure it to make the customer pay the credit card processing fee. The customer also has the option to pay via checking account for zero fee.

Tomcat5678 There is a new player Alignpay fees are 2.9% + $0.30. Check them out.