Interrupts on LAN Interface?

Hello to everybody,

apologies may be for stupid question,

since two days ago I’m experiencing high number of Interrupts only on LAN Interface (between 50-200 / s).

I’m not sure if it is problem or if it is “standard” (but it was not there before, and I didn’t change too much in configuration, I even tried to restore from backup to previous state from few days ago).

I’m on pfSense+ 23.05.1 and hardware from Protectli VP2420, my network setup so far is very simple - single LAN Interface with no VLANs (just native in access mode so far everywhere). No special firewall rules.

CPU load and memory consumption is just few % and pfSense can easily route traffic between LAN and internet at speeds of 1Gbps, so doesn’t seem like there’s a big problem, but I don’t like it anyway and I’d like at least to troubleshoot a little bit what’s happening on my LAN, which device(s) are responsible for high amount of Interrupts on LAN Interface?

Please does anyone have an advice where and what to look for? Does anyone experience the same thing?

Thank you and have great day everyone…

Rate in 100-200/s range don’t seem like anything unusual. Unless it’s actually causing high CPU, performance issues, or dropping packets, it’s not a problem.

There is also a Netgate forum post on the topic

Hi Tom, thanks a lot for reply. And I understand it’s not a problem.

Just if I would like to investigate a little more, do you have an idea where to take a look in pfSense (which logs, maybe what to look for in pfTop, etc.) to figure out what traffic is responsible for these Interrupts?

Thanks a lot and btw. thank you very much for your amazing job on YouTube channel, one of the best talks I’v ever seen!!! :slight_smile: :+1:

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