Internet Speed Issue

Network Topology:
Fibre connection - UP 105mbps DOWN 105mbps
Firewall - PFSENSE
TPLINK Smart switch with VLAN configuted
AP - 4 Ubiquiti AC PRO

With my laptop directly connected to the modem, I get the 105 up and down. On the wireless connection though I get way below half up and down. Would it be a configuration issue at one of the points, even at times the upload is way more than the down.

Any assistance or guidance would be welcomed .

Presumably you also get 105 when your laptop is connected to the switch.

I had issues with an AP previously, traced it back to my crappy cable terminations. Should be easy to test just plug the AP into another port with a different cable.

Doubt there is a configuration that will cut your speed in half, perhaps a suspect AP.

+1 fpr what @neogrid said.

Test speed when plugged directly to router, directly to switch and then on wireless.
Assuming the slowdown is only present when connected wirelessly then try disconnecting all but one of the AP’s and test each AP separately then try one (good) AP on all of the cables / switch ports.

You will probably find that one AP or Cable gives a bad result.