Internet explorer on linux

I use my laptop to configure ip cameras and i switched to linux but now i m facing a problem that is if i want to open ip camera in my browser the company said you have to use internet explorer to configure it becouse it installes activex to play video. I tried to find someting if i can run internet explorer through wine but in wine it said that internet explorer 8 works good but newer version of ie is not working good with wine… is there any other way to solve this problem ?

I solve it by running Windows in VirtualBox


As Tom said. VM will be the easiest and without additional costs. Or you can do something similar to turbo studio but for linux. Or PortableApps, Cameyo, VMware ThinApp, rollApp, ThinStation, Microsoft Application Virtualization, Roozz, Thincast.
But you have to check what’s available for linux…

Thanks. I’ll check this out :slight_smile: