Internal dns with HA Proxy help needed

Hello there,

I need some help and hope someone has a idea.

i want to create an internal dns for my serveres.

my wifi and client network is and the server net is

my client net has full access to the servernet, but i have tried a lot of settings but nothing works for me.

is there someone who has input for me ?


Use pfsnse for DNS or allow port 53 via the firewall rules to your DNS server.

i use pfsense for DNS, but the problem is, i cant really use dns host overrides since the server is running multiple services on different ports, therefor i thought haproxy would be the easiest way.

other ideas ?

Thank I don’t think I understand the goal of your project.

maybe i can be more specific :slight_smile:

host runs docker with some services.

on port 380 heimdall
on port 7443 a nextcloud instance
and so on.

my goal is, if i type " heimdall.home.lan " in my browser, the site opens as long the request comes from internal. if the service would be exposed to the internet, no problem using haproxy, but since it is not, it doesn´t work.

That is not how a proxy or even HAProxy works. I cover all the details in my HAProxy videos.