Intermittent lost of LAN and Internet connectivity

Hello all, hope someone can help with my issue.

I’m having intermittent lost of connectivity on my LAN and WAN. Sometimes I don’t completely loose the connection but it’s very slow. This happens on both wired and wireless connections.

I’m sometimes not able to access internal resources but most of the issue is with internet connectivity. My Amazon echo devices, security cameras, streaming devices, TVs and a lot of other devices keeps disconnecting from the internet. Again this is on both wired and wireless connections.

I have multiple switches and access points so all my devices are not connected to the same switch or AP. I have multiple VLANs setup and a Windows 2019 active directory domain. My LAN and CorpWIFI uses the AD domain controller for DNS and authentication.
All other VLANS uses the firewall gateway for DNS. I use the latest version of PFSense for my firewall and unifi switches and APs with the latest firmware and controller software.

I have 2 Internet connections for redundancy because I work from home and can not be without internet connectivity. I have the same issue on both connections, I’ve also replaced my primary modem as well with no change.

My primary workstation has a 10gb hardwired connection to my core switch which is a unifi 16XG and I don’t seem to have the problem with it. The only issue I have with the primary workstation is after a reboot. I have to release and renew the IP or wait about 5 minutes before I have internet connectivity. The workstation is on the LAN VLAN and this only happens on the 10gb connection, not the 1gb onboard nic. The 10gb nic has the duplex and speed set to auto on both ends.

I hope someone can help with this mystery.
I have attached a network diagram of my setup.

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried changing the link speed to 1G on the 10G connection to see if the problem persists?

Hi Tom,

Thx for the reply… all my uplinks to the switches and firewall are 10gb except for 2 switches.
which link are you referring to? the uplink to the switches or the uplink to the firewall?

My bad, I read the issue wrong. Not really sure what wrong, try setting up pings between all the devices and try to see where the drops are. Also, overheating switches sometimes cause intermittent unpredictable behavior.

Thx again,

about how much space would you suggest between switches?
I have 2x 48 port switches, 1x 16 port POE switch, 2x patch panels and a 1U UPS in a 12U wall mounted rack… all switches are unifi… is this too much from a heat perspective?
taken into account the network cables going into the rack. Please see attached pic of the wall rack.

Check the details of the switch to show the temp because temp is driven greatly by the ambient air temp in an area.

Hi Tom,

I reviewed the specs sheet and all my switches are operating above the 23-104F listed on the sheet. The lowest temp I have is 109.4F and 125.6F which is on 2 switches in my equipment room with AC. The others rang from 150.8F to 154.4F.