Inter-VLAN Routing/Multicast Help?: pfSense, IGMP Proxy - (Sonos)

I am struggling with routing between VLAN’s and trying to use IGMP Proxy in pfSense to setup & access my Sonos speakers on my IOT vlan from my Sonos controller app on my LAN (ios app on phone connected to LAN wifi).

I have rules allowing LAN to access IOT, but only IOT rules TCP 3400 TCP 3500 UDP 1900-1905 IGMP * source Sonos Speaker IP’s.

I have been playing with IGMP Proxy settings, but I do not understand which interfaces should be the Upstream & Downstream.

I also have Avahi setup with both LAN & IOT interfaces set.

My current setup is [modem]—[pfsense]—2 vlans [LAN-/-IOT]—(2) Unifi 8-60W switches—(2)Unifi Pro AP’s
LAN /24
IOT /24
Any help is appreciated.


Also, I have a third vlan setup with nothing on it and no rules set for Medium Security devices called MEDSEC.
Should I put the Sonos on this VLAN and leave other devices like the Smart Toaster I dont have on IOT ?

Multicast block - unsure where this is happening

IOT Clients

IOT Rules

IGMP Proxy settings (which I do not understand)

Avahi settings

Looking into the multicast routing daemon ‘pimd’

I have this in my home but it works I have not (IGMP Proxy settings) checked in

Have you configured Unifi 8-60W right

tned, what are you referring to specifically on the switch?

just wonder if you’ve made a Vlan network in your Unifi

Yes, both switches have both vlans on the ports and both AP’s are advertising both vlan ssids

ok my settings are like yours without igmp proxy and as in the picture my rules look like this