Intel Server, power supplies will not power up. Stuck in Cold Redundancy mode

I just bought a used Intel server from an e-recycle shop. I brought it home, loaded W10 on it to test it and to update it. Found out with the intel servers, you boot in efi off a usb stick with the firmware/efi files to update the system.

From that point, it will randomly restart, even during POST. 90% of the time, both power supplies will stay in Cold Redundancy mode. (Slow flashing green light on PS)

They will power up, spin their fans to 1%, then back off. The odd time, it will get to 75% fan speed, want to boot the system, then off again…

When it wants to play nice, It will boot and sometimes I can get into the system setup. It might stay running, reboot, or start its not wanting to run stuff…

Sometimes, putting it in a time out can get it to start… other times not.

I pulled out an SSD from the back drives bays and it booted. It booted up a Debian Live image. I rebooted and it worked… I went into the system setup to change a setting, then I went to save and exit, it restarted… then nothing.

I have replaced the CMOS battery with a better one… nothing

I have logged into the ipmi/BMC from the lan and set the cold redundancy to 0/disabled (from the intel support site’s instructions) This did not change anything.

Running on only 1 PS, slot 1 or slot 2, or both slots. No difference.
Both PS, no difference.

Unplugged the power cables from the front and back plane, removed the riser cards… no difference

Any ideas? Should I be looking at getting another power supply? Is there a way to update the PS firmware again from the BMC?

System Specs
Intel R2224WTTYSR
Intel® Server Board S2600WTTR
2x Intel G84027-007 1100w Power Supply
2x Intel Xeon E5-2640 V3