Installing WordPress Help

I was trying to install WordPress on sample data on LocalHost, but having error while connecting it to FTP, I have heard its easier to install WordPress on WordPress optimized hosting because that is managed and optimized, should I stay on shared hosting or moved to managed hosting?

There’s nothing really anyone can offer for optimized wordpress hosting guessing thats some kind of sales gimick, I would advise you to find a host running php 7.2 as opposed to 5.6 which many are running.

Shared hosting for wordpress is usually fine, i’d look for a provider that offers cpanel hosting, wordpress is pretty much a couple clicks to install from cpanel which will make it easy for yourself.

Can even run cpanel yourself if you really wanted to go down that route. There’s plenty of cpanel hosting providers around though.

If you need to migrate from one host to another host, once wordpress is up and running you can use the all-in-one-wp-migration plugin to backup the site and restore to the other host.

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