Installing OpenVPN through the Gnome Network Manager

I can’t seem to get this to work ( Private Internet Access: Linux - (Ubuntu) Installing OpenVPN through the Gnome Network Manager), I’ve followed the instructions at the PIA website to the T and checked the settings three times on my side and though the connection to PIAVPN shows the solid white key symbol in the upper right corner, when I try to connect to a website it just times out, I have to disconnect from the PIAVPN to regain access to the internet.

Could there be a configuration or setting I’m missing because I’m running Pop_OS 19.10? Or maybe something in pfsense, pfblocker, or suricata blocking the PIAVPN?

I would follow what you postulated in the last paragraph of your post.

Well I took pfblocker and suricata out of the equations by stopping and uninstalling then to test those thoughts.

I still can’t connect to the internet.

Check permissions and if necessary reinstall the required software. Don’t know beyond that sometimes bits go missing. Never had problem like what you describe with PIA or Open VPN other things yeah.