Installation Proxmox RAID

hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create a RAID using MDADM and install proxmox on top of this RAID created by software ??

I don’t use Proxmox but I know it does have support for ZFS

Alos, LearnLinuxTV has a full course on Proxmox


Hi @guilherme

AFAIK you can only create ZFS or BTRFS (technology preview) raid configurations directly in the Proxmox installer. However, you should be able to achieve your goal by first installing a normal Debian on an MDADM raid and then installing Proxmox VE on top of it.

But I have not tested this and I would not recommend using it like that in a productive environment.

By the way, the Proxmox devs also advise against it…

nice, but strange for proxmox to say they don’t use mdadm because it’s not that reliable, as xcp-ng uses mdadm to create the software RAID on installation.

Proxmox does not like hardware RAID but does within the software. During install, I have two disks, I configured them as RAID1 and zfs, installation is fine, I have 3 nodes like this. If you have more disks, proxmox install has many options.

I have Proxmox setup using hardware raid. I found it to be easier to control and manage. However, I do not like the software option as it uses too much overhead. But there are special use cases where software would be preferred over hardware.

But only until the motherboard or the HW raid controller dies or you want to move the disks to a diffrent hardware. :wink:

That might have been true 20 years ago. Nowadays it’s rather the other way around. Except maybe for Windows servers :wink: