Install driver for 10G NIC

I just finished following the process to install the drivers for an Intel X540-10G-1T NIC in xcp-ng. The name of the driver was ixgbe. When I run dmseg | grep eth I see ixgbe eth2. Does that mean it is installed? I ask because when I go to the xcp-ng interface in the IPMI and look at network connections I don’t see an eth2. I set the IP address of eth2 with the command

ip address add dev eth2

When I ping that IP from within my network it replies. When I go into Xen Orchestra and look at the network ports available I only see eth0 and eth1. Does this mean it isn’t working? Do I need to do something to activate it? The motherboard is a supermicro x2spl-f.

I am clearly out of my league here but I thought I would give it a try. I got further than I thought I would actually. Thanks in advance for the help.

You have to go through a process of adding the interfaces in XCP-NG

There is also a write up here in Citrix

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