Increasing State table size?

So what ive done is build a pfsense box with some pretty serious specs out of a DellR210. Ive also added a quad 10gig nic - 2 copper and 2 sfp. I mainly got this for a big network that is probably going to have 5 to 15k users. (as long as the wireless gets all the clients connected) ← thats a whole other challenge.
I also have 32 gigs of ram coming in to add to this. I was wondering if i should change the default state table size to something larger and if so how would i calculate what i should change it too. how often it resets? All of this is still new to me but im eager to learn.
Thank you for any and all insight.
Ive attached a picture of what CPU i currently have.

The big network will not really have any firewall rules. Due to my newness with pfsense im still going to use Ubiuqiti edge routers for the production stuff because i know it more. But at this festival they want to open up the wifi to the crowd and it is going to be an event with a lot of people (in florida). So big pools and just all going to the internet. Maybe one rule to block traffic to the router.

They have a break down here for sizing requirements when using larger state table sizes. Hardware — Hardware Sizing Guidance | pfSense Documentation