Imaging OS to same or different specs

Hi I’m trying to learn how to Image the OS. So basically I have a laptop that the HDD needs to be replace but I want to still have the windows 10 activation transferred to the new SSD from the HDD of my laptop. I actually still don’t get the concept of imaging… Thanks for the help

Use Clonezilla it is well documented. Clonezilla will make and transfer an exact copy of the existing drive. It will boot from USB or CD/DVD.

How about the product key? for the OS the I need to image too? Thanks for the response…

As long as you dont exceed your license for your OS, shouldn’t be an issue. Once you exceed it, you will be asked to get new license key.

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@mariem56 Good question, as @Arron stated, it will flow liked that if you have volume license from Microsoft. but there’ so many activation method, like the product key is embedded on BIOS(no need to enter product key), also manual activation were product key bought to a retail or online store (manual input of product key)

I hope someone can share their knowledge on this.

I wish it can be as automatic as possible… The license will be for the unit(laptop) no volume licensing and if after image I still get the activation that can be very helpful…

If its for laptop with pre built OS and already activate maybe as long as I don’t replace the motherboard will still get the product activation? not really sure…

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I just did this yesterday.

I used AOMEI Backuppper free version:

No worries when replacing HD still the same computer so license is non issue.

If you are simply cloning your HDD to SSD on the same machine, you shouldnt have an issue. If for whatever reason you do receive a “Activate Windows” message, just click on the Activate Online Now option. If it says you exceeded your license options “Call to Activate” you can just call the phone number. Its totally automated and you read off the digits on your screen and then enter the new digits Microsoft gives over the phone. It will ask you how many times you’ve activated this and I generally answer with “one”.

Please note though: if you are trying to activate your OS on multiple machines with a key that has exceeded the license amount, your other copies will deactivate. In other words, don’t try to image the HDD for the sole purpose of giving away free copies, it wont work.

noted… it will going to be 1:1 ratio… Thanks

I’ll try that application. Thanks!