iKOOLCore R1 slick pfsense box? Maybe something else?

I came across the iKOOLCORE R1 and it looks like an awesome candidate for the the 2.5Gb enthusiast out there in the forum. Thought I would share the find with everyone.

Looks pretty reasonable for price. Is Celeron able to handle VLAN traffic and VPN well?

Yes, it does not take much to route traffic and VPN speed will be reasonable.

I thought I read that Intel i225/i226 chips have problems.

I watched the Serve the Home video on this yesterday, he did say i226 chips which means you will need to install those drivers in pfsense or try one of the nightly builds. He said OPNsense worked fine.

Then I looked at the cost and thought to myself, “no, I’ll just get another thin client with NIC card installed for half the price”. Not going to be as fast, but would be OK for many things. I’m able to get gigabit speeds from an Atom 27xx series now, almost any newer 4 core processor will beat that.

It’s novel because it’s small which makes it more interesting than useful. For homelab might be fun but for business we stick with Netgate hardware as we need reliable and predictable.