iDRAC6 on Windows 10 with modern browsers

Hey All,

As a sysadmin I’ve struggled with the issue of being able to access iDRAC6 on Windows 10 with modern browsers, even resorting to a docker acting as a proxy. I’ve worked up a much easier solution that I hope helps others. Let me know how it works and if you run into any problems.

  • Download and install Java Runtime Environment 1.7.0_80, also known as jre-7u80 from Here. You will need an Oracle account to download. Only install the base JRE.
    • Also install the latest version of Java. DO NOT remove the older version just installed.
  • Load Configure Java > go to the Security tab > add your iDRAC(s) to the Exception List.
  • Successfully tested using Brave, though should work with others. Load Brave and browse to the server address with iDRAC6 > login.
  • Launch the Virtual Console, saving the file as, noting the extension change to java.
  • Using Windows explorer, browse to where you saved the file > right click the file > select Open with > click Choose another app > select More apps > tick the box Always use this app to open .java files > scroll to the bottom and click Look for another app on this PC
    • Browse to where the old java is installed, usually C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaws.exe. Note the jre7 folder.
    • Click Open and work through the prompts. The console should load.
  • From now on save all iDRAC 6 Virtual Console files with a java extension and any newer iDRAC file can be run as normal.
  • If you run into problems, back in the iDRAC tab try navigating to System > Console/Media > Configuration. Ensure your console is enabled and the Plug-in Type is Java. Some people also recommend disabling video encryption.



Thanks. This may apply to other old BMC connections too.

Hey Greg, very true. If people can let me know what older systems this worked on and I’ll update the OP.


I’d have to check, but Supermicro IPMI v1.4 might require JAVA. These would be X9 and earlier series, almost definitely the X8 series required JAVA (and barely function). Hard to remember because I have JAVA on all my workstations for this reason. The ILO in my HP DL360e might also be a JAVA client. The Dell C1100 are almost certainly JAVA, I think they are iDRAC6.