Idrac Email Alert - NIC is down

Hi Guys,

Got an email alert from one of my servers that idrac had detected a NIC going down or had been unplugged. It’s all locked up in comms cabinet, so the cable wasn’t unplugged. I then got another message saying it was back up again. This was within a few seconds. Swapped out cables etc and over last few days hasn’t happened since.

However, was thinking if this was the management NIC and was a hardware issue, would XCP automatically change the managment NIC over to another NIC (2 on this server) or would i be locked out of XOA? If so, I assume you can manually move the management NIC over in the console.

This is just useful information for us to know as we write up DR procedures for certain tasks on our internal wiki. Saves us scrapping about looking for commands if issues happen. THought this would be a good one to explore.

Anyone came acorss this?


You will be locked out remotely, XCP will not change the network card

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Thanks Paul thats what I suspected. I’ll have to look in to how you move the man. NIC over in the command line if this ever happens.

Thanks for your comment