"ideal" screwdriver set

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking at getting myself a set of Wera Kraftform Micro screwdrivers for my kit bag and I started wondering what the “ideal” set would be.

Now, obviously there will be lots of ideas and you could include everything but I want to keep it fairly simple. My current thinking is;
Ph 00, 0 and 1 (maybe a 000 but I think that’s small for IT stuff)
Pz 0 and 1
T10 and T15 for trixy HP kit
Penta-lobe and Tri-Lobe for trixy apple kit
A nutsetter for motherboard standoffs and vga / dvi / serial retention screw thingies
Then probably a couple of slot head maybe 1, 2, 3 and 4mm

Can anyone think of anything that’s obviously missing from there? Like I say, not trying to have everything and I do have a stack of tools but I wanted a nice set that I could keep in my bag.

I also really like the Moddy Tools micro screwdriver and wrench kits.

I would add T8 and T9 to the kit, I’ve run across both in older HP devices.

You’ll need to have Ph#2 in there and sometimes it helps to have a long #2 driver with a round shaft. Not really micro, but something to keep in mind.

You also need some spudgers of different sizes.

And finally, one of these is really handy to have: https://www.harborfreight.com/33-piece-precision-screwdriver-set-93916.html and cheap enough that you might as well.

I wondered about the Ph #2 as well, I have several multi bit kits that I will probably keep in my car but I love the fact that your linked one is a PITTSBURGH.

Spudgers is a good shout.

The mini bits in that set have been very useful, and at the cost one of those tools that you just need to own.

I’ve had a few computer chassis that needed a long ph#2 to get past the edge of the chassis to get a screw. Not an every day screwdriver, but a must have once in a while.

After an injury one summer doing work, I have decided on a Skil electric screw driver too. This Skil has a lever for forwards and back. The gyro type still require you to twist your wrist, over and over and over again, causing the same injury. Hundreds of racks screws along with hundreds of BNC connectors in a short time resulted in a repetitive motion injury that still comes back once in a while if I’m not careful.