IBM M1015 - Truenas Scale

Hey folks

I’m hoping someone can come to the rescue, I bought a IBM M1015 card for my Trusenas build.

Using an ASUS motherboard and straight out of the box it will only see 2 or 3 drives.

Apparently they are shipped as standard in RAID mode and after some reading I think I need to Flash it to IT.

Does anyone have any comprehensive instructions on how to do this?

Comprehensive meaning, a Step by Step guide, Not great at code etc.

I would really appreciate your help on this matter.

Kindest regards J

Does this help: IBM ServeRAID M1015 Part 4: Cross flashing to a LSI9211-8i in IT or IR mode

Hi there

Many thanks for the reply… I am working down the list. Downloaded the lsi_dos file. Which application is it I need to mount on USB? There are a quite a number in there… The Instructions just say…

  • Make a bootable USB stick, needs to be DOS bootable for the flasher etc to work, there are number ways to do it, ask Google. Self Extract the files somewhere, then place onto the USB stick.

Obviously I don’t want to completely screw up at this point, Your guidance would be appreciated!
Tried to use Power ISO, But it doesn’t detect any of the files, unless I select All Files, Then it just says non bootable image if I select any of them.

Thanks J