iBase Denverton C3758 1U for PfSense

I will be aquiring this soon, an intel atom denverton C3758 1U rack from iBase. https://www.ibase.com.tw/english/ProductDetail/NetworkAppliance/FWA8506

I am going to make this as our main router in our multi area OSPF network, routing over 1gbps total throughput, with 3WANs loadbalance/failover.

Do you guys think this hardware can handle it?

For routing it will be fine, once you start adding intensive packages you’ll have to re evaluate.

How much is the device?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The price here locally is around USD1,400, about half of the XG-7100 price of USD2,600.

What intensive packages that might be? This is an 8-core intel atom @ 2.2ghz, with RAM that can be expanded to 32GB.

Currently with my desktop build PfSense, I am only running FRR, Softflowd, nmap, darkstat, and iperf. Nothing intensive I think.

By intensive packages I had UTM like features in mind such as IPS , IDS and SSL inspection.

Comparing it to the data sheets of official netgate appliances with similar specs is a good idea, so you’ll get an idea of expected throughput in different scenarios.