I need to "unadopt" a UAP-AC-M - Don't have access to Controller

We have a customer that has fired their MSP and we are in a takeover process. Unfortunately it is not possible to contact the original MSP. I pressed the reset button under the door at the bottom of the AP with paper clip several times with varying lengths of time 5 to 10 secs. Turns white - then goes back solid blue every time. I admit to being a UniFi noob ;-). What am I doing wrong?

The customer wants to have UniFi equipment removed from MSP’s remotely hosted controller. How can I get it to just factory reset and be seen by the mobile app as a new Access Point?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you did the right thing. Most Unifi APs reset after pressing the reset button for 5 or more seconds.

If you know the password, you can try the ssh method to reset the AP. It’s described in more detail here:

Thank you. davidvasc. Yes google helped a lot :wink:
However I’m still missing something because if I understand correctly a solid blue means it is still adopted and managed. I’ve yet to get solid white?
Unfortunately I don’t have the password. Previous MSP is unresponsive. Customer wants their equipment to no longer be managed by them.

Pull the network connection then reset (use a POE injector if you need to). The old provider may be giving the UniFi Announce address via dhcp or dns so the AP may reset, boot, get dhcp (which includes the controller address), connect to the controller and get re-adopted.

If reset off the network is successful then you maybe need to establish how the settings are being pushed / pulled.

Obviously all the standard “make sure you know the SSID + VLAN + PSK” advice applies here as once you reset the AP all of that info will be lost.